Dean Jobb, an experienced journalist, author, journalism professor, and recognized authority on media law, provides a unique perspective that is designed to make journalists more aware of their rights and the legal limits on their craft. He examines the day-to-day issues faced by reporters and editors, and offers practical advice on how to overcome obstacles.

Using real-life examples and discussions of both criminal and civil law cases, the text explains the rationale behind the laws that affect the media, how those laws are interpreted, and what they mean for journalists. Jobb provides journalists with what they need to know to get the story — without getting sued.


Just published:

A revised and updated 3rd edition of Media Law for Canadian Journalists

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  • Integrates coverage of Internet issues throughout the text, instead of in a single chapter.
  • Presents essentials of the Canadian justice system, including the structure of Canadian courts and tribunals.
  • Updates core areas of media law based on key recent decisions.
  • Includes photographs, new table of cases cited, and an expanded index.
  • Uses a simple, direct writing style, combined with numerous historic and current cases, scenarios, and legal precedents.
  • Outlines a proactive model of media law, stressing how to publish while staying out of legal trouble.
  • Examines freedom of expression and the Charter.
  • Offers important tips on reporting criminal cases and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Presents coverage of ethics and professional responsibility.
  • Includes a glossary of terms.


Part I: Freedoms and Limits
Chapter 1: Freedom of Expression in Canada
Chapter 2: Understanding Defamation: Beating Libel Chill
Chapter 3: Cyber-libel: A Primer for Digital Reporting
Chapter 4: Using Freedom of Information Laws

Part II: Reporting on the Justice System
Chapter 5: Justice System 101
Chapter 6: Understanding Criminal and Civil Law
Chapter 7: Covering the Criminal Courts

Part III: Restrictions on Coverage of the Courts
Chapter 8: Publication Bans and Contempt in Criminal Cases
Chapter 9: Publication Bans in Youth Courts and Other Proceedings
Chapter 10: Access to Hearing and Documents

Part IV: Legal and Ethical Duties
Chapter 11: Dealing with Sources
Chapter 12: Restrictions on Reporting and Publishing the News
Chapter 13: Journalism Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Media Law for Canadian Journalists, 3rd edition (Emond Publications, 2018) 

Available now — a revised and updated edition exploring the latest Supreme Court of Canada rulings on libel, confidential sources and publication bans, the legal restrictions on social media, human rights commissions & free speech, and more!
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“Extraordinarily complete …. The author’s deep understanding of journalism and the law has resulted in a superb and highly accessible guide to a complex topic. This is the book we’ve been waiting for.”
— Kirk Makin, legal affairs reporter, The Globe and Mail

“(A) book that newsrooms and journalism schools can ill afford to do without. Jobb has done an excellent job of providing a resource that helps make sense of the legal world journalists inevitably encounter.”
— David McKie, investigative journalist, CBC

“An invaluable tool for every investigative reporter, and indeed for anyone practising journalism in Canada …. This is an important book, and whether you’re a professional journalist or an occasional blogger, you won’t regret getting a copy.”
— Cecil Rosner, managing editor for CBC Manitoba and author of Behind the Headlines: A History of Investigative Journalism in Canada

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Dean Jobb has done a terrific job of producing a clear, practical and accurate legal guide for journalists – one that will help you write more informed stories and stay out of trouble. I wish I’d had this text as a resource when I started out as a reporter years ago, but I’m sure glad we have it in our newsroom now.”
— Lindsay Kines, reporter, Victoria Times Colonist

“An excellent text, and the only law book I could prescribe for undergraduate or graduate journalism students.”
— Ivor Shapiro, Ryerson University

“Thorough and practical …. Dean Jobb’s book has really filled a need in Canadian Journalism Schools.”
— Maxine Ruvinsky, Thompson Rivers University

“A must-read for journalists … crisp writing devoid of stultifying legal jargon ….The second edition of Media Law for Canadian Journalists deserves to be within easy grasp on your bookshelf.”
— Canadian Association of Journalists’ MEDIA magazine