The larger-than-life exploits and make-believe world of 1920s Chicago con man Leo Koretz – and his escape to a new life in Canada.

This is the story of one of the great crimes of history, a brutal act of ethnic cleansing committed two and a half centuries ago.

On May 8, 1992, twenty-six men went underground to work the night shift at the Westray coal mine in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Justice, as the old saying goes, must be seen to be done. Sometimes justice must be seen to be believed. That’s the case in Bluenose Justice.


  Journalism texts:                

Meet Samuel Herbert Dougal, a lady-killer if there ever was one. Say hello to Henry More Smith, an escape artist who could upstage Harry Houdini.


As dawn broke on a summer morning in 1819, pistol shots echoed across a field on the outskirts of Halifax. Merchant William Bowie, who issued the challenge to this duel, lay dead.

This highly successful book, now available in an updated second edition, has been thoroughly revised to reflect the many recent developments in media law.

This comprehensive guide to investigative techniques provides journalism students and working journalists with practical tips for finding information both on and off the public record in Canada.


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